Monday, May 23, 2011

The best 2 weeks yet!

A little homemade Fro Yo (thanks to a fun wedding gift!)

Carson's fav...Homemade mac n cheese

Its been 2 weeks of marriage bliss...
but what can I say? I'm a newlywed! I'd say that we have done well in our little place in Viva Las Vegas! We are basically settled and leave for our cruise a week from today...Were a little excited!


  1. Hey Jessie I didn't realize you have a blog!? Hope it's alright I'm going to be checking this to keep up now :)
    I was sad I was in California the day of your wedding so I wasn't able to make it :( The few pictures I've seen though from the big day are amazing! You are gorgeous! I can't wait to see more!
    Looks like things are going great! Congrats again to both you and Carson!

  2. Rach! I didnt realize you had a blog as well! Ill def be checking in on yours too! Thanks for the congrats rach and you are going to be a mom soon right?? you are going to be a darling mom! congrats to you and your cute hubby!

  3. Got your sweet card today, you guys look so cute and so happy. I'm thrilled that everything went so well and that you had the perfect day. I wish I could have been there with ya, and hope I get to meet Carson soon. Love you!

  4. How exciting! Married life is the best :) Have fun on your cruise!

  5. Stop it right now, your wedding pictures are incredible!!!!!!!!! Or are those your bridals. Post more as soon as you get them. You are beautiful.